Verifying Luxury Watches Authenticity

Apoyo is a decentralized platform combating luxury item counterfeiting through digitization of proof-of-ownership. We help individuals and businesses to authenticate luxury watches originality and verify their ownership history before making a purchase.

Proof-of-ownership Digitization

Luxury watch owners can easily digitize their proof-of-ownership and add an extra layer of security to their wrist watches. Digitizing luxury watches makes it easier for owners to monitor item distribution.

Authenticity Validator

Luxury watch retailers, pawnshops and consumers can easily search for all types of watches on our platform and authenticate their originality before making any purchase. Apoyo helps you differentiate authentic and non-authentic watches.

Anti-theft System

Digitizing luxury watches creates transparency in the supply chain and all items on the chain can be monitored. Luxury watch owners can easily report stolen or missing watches. Once an item is reported missing or stolen, the platform red flags such items and alerts prospective buyers.

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Our goal is to help you protect your luxury watch through digitization of your proof-of-ownership

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